I’m Going 2 Spain

The idea that, like with Jackson Pollock / American art, that drips or glitches are about freedom uncontained, that needs rescuing or contextualising is silly. Here there is no escape, there are no pure aesthetics. The experience of actually painting the paintings etc. was somewhere between a holiday and a job

Painting is always borne out of reality / aesthetic consistency and context. Painting, which some might misunderstand as a medium that tries to flee from reality, must reiterate the impoverished present (beyond re-treading the moralistic trans-substantiation of the readymade).

“It’s roughly analogous to the uk football hooligan deterritorialization of 91-98 where local became global – hooligan island and deferred re-identification and how this relates to the artworld circa 2020, post 2020.”

“It’s about international arts apathy being triggered by rubbish galleries and frustration that the local scene is so boring there’s nothing else to do. “

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