Despite the studio and selling art to weirdos, I’m not really a real artist: I am not commercially represented, I have a co-parenting situation and I have a full-time job. It’s not even a teaching job. So what is this not-quite-artist life?

I don’t really feel myself operating within a distinct cutting edge, critical, challenging realm of artistic production / consumption. But my studio location within a crusty, relatively ‘off-the-grid’ artist co-operative risks becoming the autoinstitutional definition of one. Following the Turner Prize, where the shortlist was all artist collectives and artist-run projects. ‘Activism’ ‘Social Issues’ ‘Collaborative Actions’ and ‘Political art’ were qualifying factors.

But maybe I’m not really subject to definitive art-world conditions. So maybe that’s why my under-contextualised art activity as a coincidental civilian / ‘not-quite artist’ is potentially quite interesting: “The conventional is now experimental / The experimental is now conventional.” Maybe from this ‘not-quite’ position, a certain kind of politically-interesting activity might glimpse what to really “be” in the (art) world, right now, might actually mean.

pram and man

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